My mom was a Drug Lord

There I was parked in front of my local police station.  I could see people go in and out of the building. I was just sitting in my car crying because I was angry with the world. Should I go in and tell them everything I know.  I was heart broken and I was a teenager, sixteen years of age, to be exact.

I had just gained the courage to tell my mother that my uncle had molested me when I was younger. She didn’t believe me. She was hardly a mother because she was never home watching me.  She was more like a financial provider because she was a single mom. My grandma was the one always taking care of me, I never had a bound with my mother.

I was angry with her because she never had time for me, she was always working. I had made a discovery that she was a drug dealer. She still had her regular full time job and then at night she would supervise the drugs that were being transported into the United States.

I wanted to tell the police that my mom was doing something illegal because I was mad at her for not believing me.

To Be Continued……..

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