My Destiny

I’m trapped.

I will never be free,

this is my destiny.

Once upon a time,

I was a little girl,

with a ghost who molested me.

I grew up not knowing,

if I was pure and clean.

I finally had the courage to tell my mother,

but she didn’t believe me,

so I ran away and got married.

I was young and naive,

I let him control me.

Now I woke up and want be free,

but he won’t let me be free.

I’m trapped,

I’ll never be free,

this is my destiny.


photo credit: Pinterest


6 thoughts on “My Destiny

  1. I’m thankful that you stumbled upon my blog – thanks for following. Your words show that you are tender and strong, even as you feel trapped in a life and relationship that are not allowing you to thrive. I know it is incredibly complicated to navigate those waters and find a way towards freedom. Don’t give up on that, though– who knows what tomorrow or next year may bring. I know with all of my being that NO ONE deserves to be possessively controlled and disrespected by someone that supposed to be a loving partner. Keep doing whatever you can to build a life for yourself that you can be proud of— and I pray that one day, it doesn’t involve him. He hasn’t earned the right to be called husband, lover, or even friend.

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  2. In opening up about me experiencing such a difficult moment in my life as having my body violated as an example, I took comfort that no matter what anyone else does they cannot enslave my spirit, must protect it


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